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Online Sports-Betting – Winning Strategies and Systems

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Do you love sports? Do you like to watch sports? Many sports fans are like me who love to place small bets on sports events. While I never considered this a way to make money, I do believe it is a great way for people to have some fun while making a little extra cash. I've been a avid sports bettor over the past thirty-years, and started way too young. I can remember placing wagers as a teen and keeping all my winnings to fund my first car. The good news was that I saved enough money to buy my first car. However, my parents accused me of selling drugs and ground me for a whole month. I tried to justify that I had made the entire amount gambling on sports events and golf. Although they believed me and reduced my explanation to a bare minimum, it seemed unfair at that time. Now that I have my children, I find it easier to understand. But, over the thirty years I've been betting on sports, many lessons have been learned. Some of these lessons were learned hard, some through research. The internet has proved to be the most useful tool for helping develop systems and researching games to make better choices and build better systems. I believe you can find systems which make a profit. While it takes discipline, it pays off. Today I will cover two important aspects of sports-betting. What does the line stand for? And, what is the best way to manage money? I have learned through personal tests and from watching friends over the years that a solid money management system is the best way to get started. Every sports-bettor should first set aside money for betting. This is known as your bankroll. Your bankroll should be 3%-5% and your wagers should never exceed that amount. However, a 5% bet would equal a $25 wager if 500 dollars have been set aside. 3% is conservative while 5% may be more aggressive. Your wagers increase with an increasing bankroll. The amount you wager on the games should be the same. However, it is worth trying to maximize your advantage by using winning systems and increasing your winning percentage. Profitable results can be achieved by achieving a 53% win rate. You can take the example of winning 53 games and losing 47 if you wager on 100. Your winning games add 6 units. You will make a profit from 1.3 units per unit if you lose games. My system has a target of 60% or more, which generates a higher profit. It is important to remember that there is no guarantee or lock. Avoid loading up on certain games and chasing losses by double-dipping. This is a sure-fire recipe for disaster M88. It is important to avoid double ups and loading up. It is often the most difficult games that don't turn out. We are now moving on to our next point. What does the "line" represent? The line represents about 80% of what a true line for a game should look like and approximately 20% of what the general opinion of the game will look like. Two things are affected by this. First, when the public opinion is strong in favor of one team it will cause the line to be set higher. And as more money is wagered on the team the line will continue increasing. Don't gamble on the sure-fire games. If public opinion is overwhelming on one team, which is typically the favored, it's called a "trapgame." Many sports gamblers are able to bet against the dominant public opinion on the basis of line setting. This is because the line will be drawn so both sides take notice. The line will be set higher for a team if the sportsbooks are aware of strong public opinion. This will create more balanced wagering. Monday Night Football is one prime example. A team that covers well on Monday night will be grossly underestimated by the public and will probably get a higher line. The team that is most embarrassed on Monday Night Football usually has the best advantage. They are often able to play the next week with a lot of confidence. The line is usually drawn against them because the entire country has seen them play poorly. The ATS lost on Monday night in 2008 covered 9 of 15 games, which is a 60% rate. Over the long-term, it is even higher! There are many opportunities and many risks when it comes to betting on sports. One thing I want to emphasize to help you get started with your wagering venture is to have a good money management mindset. Next, learn how to win and create your winning wagering platform. While sports-betting may be enjoyable, it can also prove difficult to make your living. But if you are able to follow sound systems and manage your money well, you can have some fun and even make a little bit of extra cash. Believe me, winning is more fun than losing.