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Simple Ways To Add Audio And Video To Your Affiliate Site

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Add a message of welcome on your site. Making a videotape where you discuss the products that are being offered can increase your connection. In either case, seeing or hearing someone is far more personal than just reading text. Video and audio are great tools to use if you want your website visitors to be interested in your site quickly youtube to mp3 music converter. It's easy to do, even if you have never done it before. This is a brief overview of the options available to you:
  • Audacity or another program can be used to record your message using a microphone and headset. You then upload the audio file onto your webserver, insert the HTML code that points to it, and have the program open the file when someone accesses your website. It's a simple way to put audio on your website, if the webmaster you hire is good or you know how to use it.
You should be aware that some people do not like hearing voices as soon they enter a web page. Add a graphic player (an image of an audio recording with a play/stop button) so that your visitors can choose to play the recording.
  • Use one of the instant audio type services on the Internet. It is an incredibly easy way to get audio. There are several companies that have created systems for you to easily record, edit, then post your message, including a graphic sound player, on your site. It's as simple as calling a special phone number, making the recording, and pasting the code to your website. There are services that charge one time fees and others have a monthly fee. They are great if your goal is to use audio as quickly as possible and you are not a technical person. Find "create Internet audio", and then compare all the available services to find one which suits you.
It doesn't matter what way you use to add audio, just take the time and create an inviting message. You should write the text down, and practise it several times before you start recording. You can add "streaming audio", which is audio that streams from your website and doesn't require site visitors download files. If you'd like to feature podcasts and other larger files for your audience, these should also be setup as.mp3s which can be downloaded by the listener. Video Strategies For The Internet It is possible to produce video as basic or technical as required. Internet video is produced by video production houses, however they are expensive. Digital video cameras can be used to capture yourself if all you want is to explain a particular product in a short video. Once again, make sure it sounds and looks professional. Microsoft Windows users are likely to already be familiar with a program capable of editing digital videos for website production. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker enables you to edit videos from your digital camera. Other video editing programs are available. Make sure you research them and select the software that best suits your skills. If you edit a segment of video that was recorded by yourself, then it needs to be converted. Flash (Flash Video) is a format that allows others to view your video on your website. You may think this is complicated but in reality it is quite easy. There's actually an excellent tutorial for downloading a free FLV converter, converting your video and creating a viewer for site visitors to use to watch your video here: If you're hiring someone to post the video on your website and create it, then they will be equipped with the required software. Internet videos aren't out of your reach. They're a fantastic way to create a connection instantly with clients. The addition of audio files in your own voice and your photo can warm up an otherwise cold site. The warmth of a welcome video and an explanation about your affiliate products is added with a video. Find out more on how to integrate one into your niche sites. Why did you wait so long?